Brocade Gadhwal 222

  • ₹24,000/-

Brocade Gadhwal, that has always been a choice for lavish occasions, looks exclusive in the peacock-golden shade. The alternating peacock and floral design on the broad border give a hint of 'Paithani peacock weaving style' . Meenakari ( use of coloured silk threads) in the border design lift the look of the entire saree a notch higher. This special saree certainly portrays the hard work and dedication put in to create it.

Blouse Colour: Self ( Same Colour of Saree )

*Colours in actual may vary slightly from the pictures.
*If you chose 'fall-pico' and/or 'gonda' to be done for your saree, delivery time will extend by 3 working days.
*Once fall-pico is done for a saree, that saree is not eligible for return/exchange.
*5% GST as applicable.

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